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Who cares if TV rots the brain? We're proud to be couch potatos! Television is more than a night light. It's a crystal ball, window to the world, and steadfast companion. So join us to celebrate and critique everything television. (And don't be shy about letting us know when you think your favorite show jumped the shark.) RSS Feed what is XML?

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night club for fun  topic
Tribe on Google+  topic
What are you watching?  topic
Hulu junkies  topic
TiVo Junkies  topic
it's been 3 years  topic
Six Feet Under  topic
Life After People  topic
Classic Arts  topic
Mr. Bill  topic
Dead Set  topic
New show with Jennifer Aniston  topic
The Sarah Connor Chronicles  topic
Dead Like Me  topic
Mad Men- Please don't make me read Ayn Rand again!  topic
Cashmere Mafia  topic
online free TV  topic
gossip girl  topic
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Celebrity Rehab  topic
Capt Kirk meets Capt Archer!  topic
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Dick Tracy, Pussy from the Sopranos and Kim Bas...  topic
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Harvey Birdman  topic

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